We are the only ones

We are the only ones.

We are the only ones to have created this concept of expertise in ROLEX collector's watches.

In accordance with our quality criteria, we neither buy nor sell any ROLEX collector's watch which does not attain a score of 18/20 in our boutique.

We will explain why:

1- The watch face is important, as it represents 70% of the value of the watch. It has to be original.

Any replacement watch face devalues the watch.

The watch face must be immaculate and appear unstained to the naked eye. We do not buy "Spider" watch faces.

Stains are a sign of humidity, corrosion or alteration.

The life of the watch face is very important and attention must be paid to repainted watch faces (easy to identify, as the appearance is no longer the same).

One must not confuse a "dead" watch face with one full of life which has a patina.

Over the years, we have identified 7 watch face makers who worked for ROLEX.

2- We pay great attention to the index characters.

It is important that the material of the index characters be renewed, but must not be missing, scratched, refilled or tarnished.

3- The watch case and the lugs must retain bevelled edges without wear.

A ROLEX watch which is no longer bevelled is either over-polished or badly polished.

ATTENTION: for some time, we have observed added steel on watch cases, which is unacceptable.

We always check the back of the watch case. If it has been serviced too frequently, we suspect that the watch may malfunction.

It is unnecessary for a watch to be absolutely waterproof at over 100 metres' depth for ROLEX collector's watches, but rather a degree of WATER RESISTANCE in the event of accident.

A replacement watch case devalues the watch.

Genuine collectors would say: "You don't go to the beach, swim or ride on a jet-ski with a high-value work of art on your wrist."

For this kind of sport, there are recent ROLEX watches with a full after-sales service.

4- We will accept replacement hands more recent than the watch. In the course of time, such hands acquire a patina.

5- An old ROLEX watch of very good quality will be even finer in 20 years. One should not underestimate the quality.

We assist and train our clients who decide to start a collection (ROLEX collectors' school) to assess the quality of ROLEX watch faces with the naked eye and then under 10x magnification.

6 - We have noted that, even in a bank vault, these ROLEX collector's watches acquire lustrous patinas, which make each of them unique.

7- Watch wristlets are subject to wear and tear. The original wristlet is often too worn, whereas a more recent one would be more robust and secure.

A ROLEX watch is not valued by its wristlet.

The owners of Paul NEWMAN Daytona watches listen to our advice and wear these watches with protected ROLEX wristlets, while retaining the original wristlet in a safe.

We take no risks with such an "icon".


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